It is about people and processes, and how to develop a system that ensures efficient workflows, while at the same time ensuring focus on the interaction between candidates and customers. This requires knowledge of the market, the conditions of competition, legislation, collective agreements, as well as in-depth knowledge of the latest technical possibilities, user-friendliness, digitization etc. This is where PeopleTrust comes in.

For us, digitization is about service that pays off. This means on the one hand increasing the service and on the other reducing the costs - very simple. We have developed IT systems for more than 10 years, and we have a deep knowledge of the industries we provide solutions for. Throughout the years we have delivered some of the market's best systems, and we have set new standards for what is possible and what you, as a user, should expect from your case management system.

Emini was founded in 2004 and resides in Lyngby north of Copenhagen. Our team consists of developers, support and project management, all of whom have many years of experience in developing case and control systems. However, knowledge and experience is not enough in itself and the most important input comes from our customers and the market. This is why we focus on having a close dialogue with our customers and other market players, so our systems always reflect our customers needs.


The Latin term "Mobilis in mobili" is our mantra, which symbolizes the desire to be flexible and adaptable in a competitive and changeable market.

It was the motto of the famous submarine Nautilus, in the famous Jules Vernes adventure "A World Underwater Sea" from 1869. Although it is but an adventure, Nautilus represents a mix of what can be done when combining theory and strong technical knowledge with the ambition of wanting to be successful.

This combination symbolizes what we stand for, and is a constant inspiration in our continued pursuit of developing and delivering the best case systems for employment, as well as the temp- and recruitment industry.