- Privacy policy

1. Use of this App

Your use of this App is subject to the following terms that you agree to when installing and using the App. You may only use this App to record meeting and attend times or images for people who have been created in the PeopleTrust system and who are granted access to the App.

You are responsible for the accuracy of the information you provide to the App. Emini A/S reserves the right to delete information provided/entered by you in the system if Emini A/S estimates that content and use are in violation of the applicable laws/standards.

2. Who is data controller?

You are data manager in relation to the personal data registered in the App. Emini A/S is a data processor in relation to the information entered.

3. General about the processing of your personal information

When the persons use the App, we process their Social Security Number (Article 87), name and come/go times (Article 6) and any image (Article 9).

4. Purpose and disclosure

The overall purpose of the App is to collect and record come/go times, as well as possible image capture and transfer this information to your PeopleTrust system.

The following information is disclosed to PeopleTrust:
- Candidate's Social Security Number (Article 87)
- Candidate's name and come / go registrations (Article 6)
- Candidate's picture (Article 9)

5. Storage period

The app does not store self-contained personal information, but sends it to PeopleTrust. The storage period is thus defined in PeopleTrust and not in the App.

6. Your rights

You always have the option of uninstalling the App, which no longer connects to PeopleTrust.

In addition, you have the opportunity to appeal to the Data Inspectorate about processing your personal information. You can read more about this and your rights at