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PeopleTrust for Employment covers employment, social and integration efforts, housing, Learn Danish activities, new-placement and much more. It's about having the right features available where you need them. PeopleTrust includes all the features you can expect from the market leading system, as well as a number of features that you didn't think were possible at all. PeopleTrust is for you who are looking for a great product that works quickly and makes your day and work easier.

The starting point is the citizen or the candidate - as we call it. It is classical case processing, but with particular focus on the business-oriented efforts. It is here that PeopleTrust really differs from an ordinary Jobcenter system, which focuses more on performance clarification. This is why PeopleTrust is a combined case manager and CRM system, so you can use companies in connection with activation etc.

Save time with PeopleTrust for employment

PeopleTrust handles all requirements for journalization, documentation and traceability, but also requirements for time reporting, resource efforts, attendance statistics and activation requirements. We have been working in the field since 2004, and PeopleTrust is the only system that can handle individual terms and contract requirements in relation to the individual candidate. PeopleTrust is also the only system that can handle all the usual billing models, so you are sure to bill the municipality and job center for your services.

See candidates for employment in the web portal

You can allow businesses, including job centers, to assign candidates to you through PeopleTrust's corporate web portal. A number of job centers utalize this with great satisfaction, as well as a number of companies in connection with new- or outplacement services. It also possible to allow companies to follow your efforts in relation to selected candidates. You can give candidates access to information about their own case, calendar appointments and team events through PeopleTrusts candidate web portal. Here they can update their information such as address and qualifications. The web portals, for both companies and candidates, are secure, safe and intuitive.

PeopleTrust is constantly evolving and being updated with new features and improvements. If you are interested, take a look at our feature list here, or view one of our introduction videos. You are also more than welcome to contact us for a presentation. We will gladly show you the system based on your needs.

This video gives you a general introduction to PeopleTrust and its structure. You will also see how to create a candidate and a company in PeopleTrust using built in integration to the Social Security Registry and an external company registry.

product description

Please look in our brochure. It will tell you a little more about PeopleTrust, its modules and the technology behind it.

This video shows you how quickly you can plan a meting with a candidate, assign a candidate to a course, how PeopleTrust journalizes this and document the planned hours.