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PeopleTrust for staffing and recruitment covers modules for handling temporary jobs and recruitment processes. It's about having the right features available where you need them. PeopleTrust includes all the features you can expect from the leading system in the market, as well as a number of features that you didn't think were possible at all. PeopleTrust is for you who are looking for a great product that works quickly and makes your day and work easier.

This software for staffing is a "must have"

PeopleTrust's substitute functions manage everything from clarification of the customer's needs, handling of work shifts, selection of substitute workers, work confirmations, time sheets, invoice/payroll processing and much more. PeopleTrust also provides features for substitute workers and customers, and is integrated with Staffz, which is the market's leading temporary workers App.

PeopleTrust's recruitment functions manage everything from the initial sales process, clarification of the customer's needs, advertising, handling of applicants, searching via subject bank, planning meetings, send communication etc. With PeopleTrust you can handle different recruitment processes, some may only consist of few steps and others of several steps.

PeopleTrust handles focus lists, search profiles, work shift schedules, collective agreements and local agreements. You can send letters, emails and text messages from the PeopleTrust to your substitute workers and customers. The system's billing and payroll processing handles the rules of the collective, as well as company specific agreements and calculates seniority, sickness benefits, etc. The system also handles the 11 hour rule and other labor law rules.

Share information on the web portal

Through PeopleTrust's coorporate web portal, you can allow businesses to follow their orders, approve work shifts as well as time sheets, extract statistics from the temporary staff's hours based on departments or function areas and evaluate the temporary staff. Through PeopleTrusts candidate web portal, the temporary workers can view their work shifts as well as appointments, indicate availability, approve time sheets and gain access to work confirmations and pay slips. The temporary workers can also update their address, qualifications and resume information. The web portals are secure, safe and intuitive for both companies and candidates.

PeopleTrust is constantly evolving and being updated with new features and improvements. If you are interested, take a look at our feature list here, or view one of our introduction videos. You are also more than welcome to contact us for a presentation. We will gladly show you the system based on your needs.

product description

Please look in our brochure. It will tell you a little more about PeopleTrust, its modules and the technology behind it.

This video gives you a general introduction to PeopleTrust and its structure. You will also see how to create a candidate and a company in PeopleTrust using built in integration to the Social Security Registry and an external company registry.