Product overview


The PeopleTrust system is designed so that people, companies and consultants are at the center. PeopleTrust is a modular system that handles all candidate and customer management (HRM and CRM), order management (ERP), billing and payroll, management information (MIS) etc. PeopleTrust can be configured according to the needs of the specific user, whether you need a pure HRM or CRM system, or a complete staffing and recruitment system and/or a complete Employment and jobcenter system.

PeopleTrust includes some of the market's most effective tools for managing activity planning, communication (by letter, email and SMS) and a variety of process tools. Overall, we guarantee to be able to handle complex challenges efficiently through digital solutions. At the same time, we naturally keep within administrative, legal and security requirements.

PeopleTrust is web based and built on a very stable platform in accordance with all regulations an good IT practice. PeopleTrust is built on an MVC model, temporal SQL database and a rigorous object-oriented structure. You can read more about our three products below; PeopleTrust for employment, the Staffz App and PeopleTrust for staffing.

Business areas

Employment / Jobcenter

PeopleTrust for Employment and Jobcenters covers a comprehensive solution for employment, social and integration efforts, and related business. This is the market's most specialized system, which not only handles general legal requirements, but also job center specific requests for reporting, online visitation etc.

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Staffz is an App which temporary workers and candidates can use, giving them access to information about their shifts and the opportunity to bid on available shifts. They can also access documents, pay slips etc. It is you, the system owner, who decides what information they can access, and thus how much you want to digitalize your business.

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PeopleTrust for staffing and recruitment covers a solution that handles everything from the creation of candidates and customers, order receipt, handling and coverage of work shifts to timesheet processing, collective agreements as well as salary and invoice calculation. PeopleTrust uses electronic time sheets, as well as on-site time registration etc.

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